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Interactive analytics company projects its 2020 earnings ahead of 2020 outlook

Interactive analytics firm Project Maven, which helps companies track and optimize their online advertising campaigns, has projected its 2020 revenue to grow to $11 billion.

In a new post on its blog, Project Mavins CEO James B. Pascalis said his company had not yet published its earnings but expects it to generate revenue of about $11.4 billion, or about 3.5% of the company’s total revenue.

That would be enough to cover expenses of about a $5 billion, Pascalsi said, which includes the $500 million in advertising the firm will spend this year.

Pascalsis projections for the 2020 revenue range from $1 billion to $2 billion.

Project Mavintes projections for its 2020 income range from about $1.8 billion to about $2.3 billion.PASCALSIS said it expects the projected increase in revenue to help fund a variety of other investments, including capital expenditures.

Projects like the one that Pascalianis is leading will allow companies to make strategic investments, such as in employee retention, he said.

In the future, he expects the number of employees that can be directly invested in projects will be a lot smaller.