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Jets get a big win at home against Patriots

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is ready to go all out to put his team on the field Sunday, and he is banking on the power of his own team to help him do it.

Ryan and his players were on the sideline at the conclusion of Sunday’s 23-14 victory over the New England Patriots at MetLife Stadium.

But the Jets are in a different place.

They are 1-1, tied for third place in the AFC East and 10-6 overall.

And they have a new head coach, who was fired after a 3-13 start in 2017.

The Jets, with Ryan’s help, will be playing at least three games more this season.

Ryan told the team on Thursday that he has already talked to Patriots owner Robert Kraft about what they can do to help the Jets.

They are already in talks about playing a two-week game in New Orleans in 2018.

They also have been in talks with the NFL and the National Football League about a potential playoff run in 2019.

If the Jets go the distance Sunday, it will mark the first time in seven seasons that they have not won a game in the divisional round.

The team has won its past two games in the conference championship game.

Ryan is in his ninth season as the Jets head football coach.

He took over the team in 2015, replacing Tom Coughlin who was a six-year head coach at the time.

The Jets are 8-1 since Ryan took over.

They have won nine of their past 10 games, including five straight.

They defeated the San Francisco 49ers last week.

The Patriots are 6-3 since Ryan became their head coach in 2016.

They were 2-7 in his first season.

The game at Metlife Stadium is scheduled for 8 p.m.

CT and will be broadcast on Fox.