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The Conservative Party’s first black chairman says he’s ‘totally’ open to a presidential bid

The Conservative National Committee chairman is a lifelong conservative who once backed Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president, but he says he’ll never vote for Trump.

John Bolton, who has served as the party’s chief strategist since 2011, said he’s open to the idea of running for president.

“We’re going to see what happens.

I think that the president’s going to have a great second term,” Bolton told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

“But, I think he’ll make a decision.

I mean, we all want to see who’s going win.

I’m sure they’ll have their reasons.”

He said he hopes to make an announcement about his political ambitions soon.

In the past, Bolton has repeatedly said he would be open to serving in a vice presidential role.

Bolton said he believes the next president will have a “unique opportunity” to bring about a new era of conservatism.

“You know, there are a lot of different voices in this country that have been there for a long time, and they have a unique opportunity to make a positive difference in the country,” Bolton said.

He said a lot has changed in the past year.

“I think people are looking for more of a change,” he said.

“They’re looking for somebody who can bring that change.”

When will the Trump project officially open?

As the Trump campaign ramps up its fundraising drive, some officials are worried the president may not get his tax overhaul done in time for the inauguration.

But the new administration is expected to be a different beast.

The administration is taking a more conservative approach to the tax overhaul than previous administrations, with a focus on lowering rates and cutting spending.

The new president also wants to overhaul the U.S. trade system, which the GOP-controlled Congress is pushing to do before the end of the year.

The new president has also been working to get a deal done on the Keystone XL pipeline, which is expected in Congress next week, but a Republican congressional majority is opposed to it.

Trump has been taking a hard line on trade with China, and the president has said he would make China pay for a wall along the southern border.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump would meet with Xi at the White House on Friday.

How do you make an earthquake sound? With rock climbers

From a rock climbing project in Washington state, to a rock art installation in Sydney, Australia, these are just a few of the things that are going on in the rock climbing community.

And there is a good reason for this.

They’re all about capturing the sounds of rock climbing and making them accessible to the world.

“The best way to do that is to have someone with the skill level who can do it,” says Rob Cottrell, from the Rock Climbing Society, which runs the Rock Art and Rock Climber Festivals in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to providing a platform for climbers to share their stories, they also provide an opportunity for other art, architecture and design teams to showcase their work.

This year’s Rock Art Project was launched last year and features a wall that is part rock, part sculpture and part rock art.

The idea is to recreate a typical rock climbing site in Australia using the best techniques of rock art and architecture.

But in order to do this, you need a good rock climbing team.

So who are the rock climbers?

For the Rock Artist’s Society, the definition of a rock climber is anyone who is “interested in rock climbing, the art of rock-climbing, rock art, and rock art making”.

It says you should be “extremely interested in rock, rock climbing or rock art” and have a passion for the art form.

And for the Rock Climb, that means “having a keen interest in the history of rockclimbs, the techniques used to build them and the rock art being produced in the area”.

For the Australian Rock Art Society, a rock artist is someone who “takes a risk and goes out into the world, takes on the challenge of creating art”.

The rock climbing society has a rock-art festival in Adelaide every two years.

The Rock Art Festivals and Rock Art Camps in Sydney and Perth are two more.

“These festivals, as well as Rock Art camps, are the best chance to see what is going on out there,” says Cottell.

But while these festivals may have a little bit of the feel of a “real rock festival”, they’re actually really just a combination of rock and art.

And although they may be based in Australia, there are some of the best rock climbing competitions in the world going on around the world in places like South America, Europe, the US and the UK.

And you can find some great rock art out there too, including in places as far away as Canada and Mexico.

“There are a lot of people out there who are really interested in this art form,” says Michael O’Connor, a lecturer in urban and regional planning at the University of Queensland, who studies the effects of the internet on social and economic change.

“It’s not just a hobby anymore.”

The Rock Artist Festival is held every two weeks in Sydney.

It is the largest rock art festival in the US.

But its most popular event is the Rock Arts Festival, which attracts around 1,500 rock climbers from around the country.

The site for the festival is a small town in western Sydney, in the middle of nowhere.

But it has a lot going for it.

“A lot of the events here are just going to be people having fun and meeting new people,” says O’Connor.

There is a big social vibe, there is plenty of free food and there is also a great music scene.

“This festival attracts all these people and it’s going to give them a chance to really enjoy the music, the food and the culture of Sydney and the state,” he says.

There are also rock climbers who go out into remote bushlands to work, with the rock being a good source of protein.

“And the fact that they have a sense of adventure and the ability to get out into these remote areas, and to get a sense for what’s out there, it’s really great for people who are into that sort of thing,” says Robert Seddon, a professor at the School of Design at the Australian National University.

And so for a small community like Sydney, rock climbers can become a real asset to the community.

Rock art is a very specific type of art, so its really important to have an understanding of how it was created and how it is used.

“They’re using it to represent and represent something that is very abstract and very un-representative of the natural world,” says Seddons.

“You can’t really do that in a traditional art context.

So what we are trying to do is to take those abstract rock drawings and turn them into something that can be easily understood.”

The most recent Rock Art Festival in Sydney is in March this year.

There will be a Rock Art Night, and a Rock Artist Weekend, in April.

And Rock Art Workshops will be held in the autumn.

“So if you are interested in getting involved with the

How to manage your dog project from start to finish

The Odin project is a new collaborative project management tool that lets you build, manage, and share projects between teams of software engineers.

The tool allows you to build teams and share the projects across multiple platforms, and you can even share code between projects.

You can even collaborate with other developers on the same project, making it much easier to share code across projects.

But if you’re just getting started, you may be interested in using Odin as a project management app, or perhaps you’re looking to expand your team’s scope.

Let’s find out how to manage a project with Odin and Odin Projects in the Future Odin Project is one of many projects Odin is collaborating on.

Here are some other projects that are part of the project: The Odins first product is the Odins Project Book, a new app that lets users create projects.

Odins new project management features include a project timeline, a project repository, and a new project overview.

This new app has the potential to be a huge improvement for Odins users, as it’s the first time that Odins has ever allowed users to create their own projects.

With the Odin Book, you can create projects that run on the team’s internal platforms and then share them across platforms.

The project overview displays information about each project’s features and functionality.

This is where you’ll find a lot of useful information about the project’s components and design.

The Odlin team also has a number of tools that are already available for Android, including a project manager for projects, an interactive timeline for projects that have a large amount of code, and more.

In a way, Odlin is like the Apple of Android project management tools, but for Android apps.

Projects in Odlin are stored in a central repository, so it’s very easy to collaborate with the developers of the apps, and to share the same projects across the platforms.

If you’re not looking for a project project management application for Android projects, there are a number other project management apps that you can use.

For example, we recently reviewed Odlin, a collaborative project tool, for mobile development, and we think it’s an excellent choice for people who need to manage their own Android apps in the future.

Odlin will be available for iOS and Android at a later date, but in the meantime, check out our review of Odlin for iOS.