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Seattle bouldering team launches ‘Boulder Project’

The Seattle boulderers, a group of students and alumni, has launched a Boulder Project.

The Boulder Project, which the Seattle boulders say has the potential to become a community-based, sustainable and sustainable-environmental resource, will offer classes for young and older students, and it will be open to all people, regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity.

The project is part of the Boulder School of Architecture’s project to promote the “development of sustainable urbanism” through “building, rethinking, and designing urban spaces.”

In addition to bouldering, the Boulder Project will host workshops, conferences, and other events.

Students and alumni from other Boulder schools are also involved in the Boulder project.

The school hopes to expand the Boulder Program to more Boulder schools around the country, as well.

“Boulder is the perfect place to learn about sustainability, building, and design,” said co-founder and executive director of Boulder School, Ryan G. McDonough.

“We’ve got the students, the teachers, the alumni, and the parents in Boulder all working together.”

The Boulder Program was founded in 2017, by Boulder School alumna and co-Founder of Boulder Boulder, Sarah Schuster, and Boulder Boulder alumna, Michelle L. Pomeroy.

Sarah Schusters father, Robert Schuster III, is also the Boulder Boulder Program’s co-director.

McPherson said the Boulder program aims to be a “platform for students, teachers, and alumni to engage in dialogue about how we can be more effective in building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city.”

He added that Boulder Boulder hopes the Boulder Projects will continue to expand to other Boulder cities and schools.

“It is clear that Boulder is a great place to start,” McPhersons father said.

“As we continue to build a better community, we’re seeing that our Boulder Boulder Boulder Project is already transforming the lives of our community.”