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The Florida Project to Explore the World Through Science and Technology

The Florida project to explore the world through science and technology, or FLUSH, will use a $100 million federal grant to develop a series of new technologies to study climate change and its effects on people and the environment.

The initiative, which was announced by the Florida Department of Environment and Natural Resources last week, aims to explore ways to use new tools to study how climate change is affecting the state.

It aims to develop technologies that can help us understand the climate in a more complete way, from what is happening to what will happen.

The agency says the project will take about two years to complete.

It’s seeking $40 million from the federal government and $75 million from private donors.

The grant is a part of the Florida National Guard’s $8.5 billion Climate Leadership Fund.

The funds will be used to develop the new tools and to provide funding to researchers and researchers at universities and private universities to use them.

The federal grant will support FLUSH through the establishment of a new Florida Climate Research and Information Center at the University of Florida.

FLUSH will use the center to conduct research, analyze data, and build a comprehensive climate model.

The center will be staffed by scientists who specialize in climate change, and will be able to collaborate with other researchers and governments in the U.S. and abroad.

“Climate change has a huge impact on our future,” Florida Gov.

Rick Scott said in a statement.

“Florida is a leader in our energy and water systems, and this project will help us develop a plan for the future that includes an accurate understanding of the science.”

This year, Florida is expected to produce a record amount of power from its natural gas reserves, which are being used to produce electricity.

That’s one of the reasons why the state has been working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology on a new research project that will be funded through the grant.

Scott said the state is looking for funding to further its research into climate change.

The state also is working to develop an energy efficiency standard for homes and businesses, as well as other programs to address the effects of climate change on local communities.

Scott says Florida’s new Climate Leadership Program will help Florida get ahead of the curve and take advantage of the technology to make the most of the energy that is available to us.

“Our focus on the future is what’s driving us to do this work,” Scott said.

“The climate impacts we are seeing are happening now, and we are working with federal partners to make sure we do all we can to prepare for the challenges ahead.”

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