One in 20 people in the UK will have their eyesight restored by 2025

Oct 28, 2021 furniture

One in every 20 people will have a second sight restoration by 2025, according to a new report.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists said the proportion of people in their target age range with the ability to see with their eyes has increased by around 1 per cent a year since 2009.

“This is a remarkable result, given that our previous estimates had put the figure at around 3 per cent, and it reflects an increase of more than 50 per cent over the past three years,” said Dr John Wrangham, the co-author of the study published today in the BMJ.

“Our data suggests that we may have underestimated the rate of sight restoration, but our study is a reminder that vision restoration in our ageing population is a matter of hope, not inevitability.”

He said the number of people with second sight would have been “substantial” if they had not been removed.

The charity also said that although the number was not large, it could be predicted for people who have had corrective eye surgery, which could cause problems with vision.

“A person with normal vision may be unable to see well enough to drive safely, for example, or the person with second-sight could become an accident victim,” Dr Wrantham said.

“It is crucial that the rehabilitation of sight is a priority for the next generation, and we are looking forward to seeing a huge increase in the number and quality of people being treated with vision restoration.”

The research was funded by the Medical Research Council.

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