When Dublin City Council will be forced to fund a mountain project to upgrade its tram network

Oct 7, 2021 introduce

Dublin City’s city hall has agreed to fund €8.8m worth of upgrades to the tram network, in an agreement that will force the city council to put money into the works.

The €8m will be allocated by the city’s planning and finance committee on the basis of an initial feasibility study, the council said on Thursday.

The tram system has been badly underused for decades and has a history of poor safety, especially in the summer months when people are more likely to fall off the track.

The scheme will upgrade the existing tram network to one that runs from the centre of the city to the south of the River Ouse, and from the south bank of the Ouse to the north of the island.

Trams will also run on a dedicated line from the west end of the Dublin Airport to the city centre.

It comes amid an intensification of the tram debate and will also see the city put some €20m into a cycle network, which is currently under construction.

The council said it is also looking at ways to upgrade the citys transport network, with plans to install the countrys first dedicated bike lane at the junction of the Garda stations in Dublin and Limerick.

The money will also be used to improve the tram system in the south, which has been the focus of a huge investment programme.

The city has also agreed to spend up to €2.4m on a series of infrastructure improvements including a €3m upgrade of the existing M7 tram network.

It will also spend €2m on improving Dublin’s existing tram system.

Dublin City Council (DCC) said it was committed to maintaining the existing services and improving the existing infrastructure and that it was working closely with the State to develop a long-term plan to upgrade this vital transport system.

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