Trevor: The Trevor project is about to get a whole lot bigger

Aug 18, 2021 service

The Treviote project, a project that aims to create a decentralized virtual currency, has officially moved into a new phase of development.

Trevor, a decentralised cryptocurrency that aims at facilitating cross-border trade, is currently undergoing a phase of testing.

“We’ve had several successful milestones, including a major milestone of over 1,000 new coins being created per day,” Trevor’s CEO, Trevi, told Engadgets in a blog post.

“But that is only a small portion of the project’s total work.

With this milestone, Trevor has become the world’s most active project in the Treviot project.

Trevi will soon reach a new milestone of 4,000,000 coins, which will be added to our wallet on a regular basis.”

And there are many more milestones and improvements to come in the coming weeks and months.””

Trellvos goals are to be a tool to empower everyday people, while providing a platform for those that want to experiment with new technologies.

“Trevor also plans to introduce a decentralized payment processor.”

With this step, we are going to be able to offer a much faster and more efficient way to pay with Treviotes tokens,” Trevi added.”

It’s a new step for us in terms of a project, but we’re excited to be working on it with the community.

“We will keep pushing our work forward, and we look forward to your feedback on Trevias progress!””

The Treviotias future is now clear, we have an active team and we’re on track to create something truly amazing,” Treviso said.

“We will keep pushing our work forward, and we look forward to your feedback on Trevias progress!”

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