How to make sure your backyard is the perfect fit for a billion-tree project

Aug 6, 2021 service

Posted December 02, 2018 05:09:25 The idea of a billion trees isn’t new.

Many countries around the world have done it and there are a couple of countries that are making some serious headway.

The U.S. has some ambitious plans to build a billion new trees on a large scale, but there are also countries like Canada that are starting to see success in their own backyard.

In Canada, they have a billion tree project that is currently under way, and they are aiming to have one billion trees in place by 2025.

They have also partnered with the U.K. to build the largest tree in the world.

But the United Kingdom isn’t the only country that has gone ahead and built a billion+ trees in a bid to increase biodiversity.

There are many other countries that have gone ahead with their own plans to grow their own trees.

One of the major obstacles in the U

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