New Bouldering & Alpine Projects in Austin, TX Announced for 2017

Aug 2, 2021 service

Austin, Texas (AP) A $6 million project to make the Austin bouldering community’s signature bouldering platform safer and more accessible has been named by the city of Austin.

The project will improve accessibility in the city’s urban core by building a pedestrian bridge connecting the city park to the bouldering site.

It will also provide access to the local community, including schools and businesses.

Bouldering is an art form and one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

The sport, which involves a person using their feet to land a heavy object on the ground, is increasingly popular in cities across the U.S., but there are currently no formal guidelines for how it should be played, how it’s practiced, and who can participate.

Boulder-loving residents of Austin will be able to learn more about the project in the next couple of months, and the project’s design will be unveiled at a city council meeting at the end of June.

The city said it received $6.8 million from the U

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