How to stop Trump from taking office

Jul 29, 2021 introduce

On the eve of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the New York Times reports that a “progressive” group will begin distributing voter information to voters this weekend in order to stop him from being sworn in as president.

According to the Times, the group is known as “The Resistance” and it’s set to launch a series of voter registration drives on Sunday.

The group says it’s not interested in supporting or opposing any candidate, but only will be distributing voter info to people who are eligible to vote.

The Times reports: “It is our goal to create a sense of urgency in the minds of millions of Americans that we must fight this dangerous Trump administration and defeat this dangerous President Trump,” said a statement from The Resistance, which was founded last year by a group of activists who call themselves “a coalition of progressive organizers, activists and citizens.”

The group plans to distribute voter information at polling places throughout the country.

This is the first time that this effort has been attempted.

“This is the beginning of the fight for our democracy, and this is the start of the resistance,” the group says in the statement.

It also notes that they are using the word “resistance” in reference to the White House.

The “resisting” part of the group’s name was picked because of the name of the protest that erupted after Trump’s victory in November.

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