How to make xcloud apps with web frameworks and binders

Jul 20, 2021 furniture

xcloud (formerly known as binders) is a framework that lets you build modern, lightweight web apps with JavaScript and HTML.

The core idea is that you build a client-side app with an embedded web framework and bind the code to your web app, so it can run anywhere.

That way, the web app’s code and data will be accessible from any device.

The downside to xcloud is that it is a relatively old framework, and it has some problems when it comes to mobile development.

It also lacks a lot of useful features like a REST API, as well as support for modern web frameworks like React.

If you want to get started, the best way to do that is to check out a few free starter apps: binders by dylan, binders-starter by kate, bindings by samuel.x.x, bind-js by larry.x and bind-html by daniel.xsource Google News source CodePlex

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