What’s coming to the 2020 Winter Olympics in Sochi

Jul 13, 2021 service

With the opening ceremony scheduled for Jan. 8, and the Winter Olympics opening ceremony to be held Jan. 14, there are plenty of opportunities for the Winter Games to move forward, with the most pressing of them being a decision on which games to keep and which to change.

But the IOC, which is still looking for a host city, is still working out what to do with the 2022 Winter Olympics.

With no firm plans to host any Winter Games in 2021, the IOC is likely to leave the 2024 Games in Moscow in 2022, which would be a massive blow to the host city.

But there are a few options for 2024 Winter Games.

Some of them, like holding the 2018 Winter Games, could be moved, while others, like moving the 2018 Games to another year or even moving the 2022 Games to the Pacific Islands in the Indian Ocean.

While all of those options could potentially be considered by 2020, it would be hard to pull off all of them.

But what could the 2020 Olympic Games look like without a host country?

Here are the options that the IOC could consider for 2024:The IOC has long said it would not consider moving the 2020 Summer Games from London to the Olympics, and there’s no reason to believe that will change.

But the IOC has had a difficult time persuading other countries to make that decision, and it has had to take action to keep the games in London, where they have been held since 1896.

There is a chance that the 2019 Winter Olympics could be kept in London if there’s enough interest.

The IOC could decide to keep both events, and then go back to the IOC to make the final decision.

But it’s hard to imagine that the Olympics would be moved to London without some political will.

The IOC could also look to host the 2018 Olympic Games in the city of St. Petersburg, which has been host to the Games since 1984.

This city has hosted the Winter Olympic Games since 1896 and has hosted a number of other Winter Games since.

The city is located on Russia’s Pacific coast, where the Olympic village was built.

The Winter Olympics are the only Winter Games that have been hosted by the city since the Games began in 1896.

If the IOC were to decide to move the Games to St. Peters, St. Pete, this would likely be a better choice than a move to London.

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